Walletproof was developed to help Android users identify whether their wallet is RFID/NFC proof or not.

⁣⁣It is important that we use RFID/NFC proof wallets to avoid our NFC or RFID cards getting exposed or even cloned by anauthorised entities.⁣ 🔒

⁣To use the app, place the phone over your wallet as instructed and wait to see if the app will succeed in capturing your credit card's information.⁣ 💳

⁣The app makes no connection to the internet so we can assure the users that in case the app captures their credit card's information, it will not be stored or saved anywhere. ⁣✔️

⁣To protect yourselves against RFID/NFC attacks make sure you use a safe wallet. For those who don't fancy replacing their unsafe wallets we will soon start offering RFID/NFC blocking cards to place within your wallets.⁣ That will jam any signals trying to penetrate the wallet. ⚡

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  • Stack:Java